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im uploading all my songs to newgrounds so you can use them :) i was actually on ng when the audio portal started and i love this site very dearly. also im on twitter and ig: https://twitter.com/_tvroom https://www.instagram.com/_tvroom/

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Posted by tvroom - June 21st, 2021

Thanks guys for the really nice response to the music I've uploaded to Newgrounds so far. I was initially apprehensive about posting here, since I felt guilty about promoting myself while not participating in the community. Ultimately I decided to so other artists could use my songs in their projects and GD levels.

Newgrounds was one of the all time most important sites to me as a kid. I think I found it in fifth grade? I used to play every single game that hit the front page and was obsessed with video game parodies and stick fights. I had a copy of Macromedia Flash MX from my school and literally couldn't believe people on this site like Egoraptor and Jazza were using Flash to make their videos. In high school I worked up the courage to make an account and post my own animations. The first time I got frontpaged it was the most excited I'd ever been in my life.

By the end of high school I was totally burnt out and frustrated by animation. The work input to video output ratio is insaneee and you really have to love it. In college I started producing music and posting it on SoundCloud. At that time there were a lot of similarities between NG and the SC community I found. Music has been my focus since then.

I'm just writing this to disclaim that I probably won't be on NG now to do much more than reply to people, but that this site holds a very special place in my heart. It's incredible to see how little it's changed and that Tom is still on the BBS talking to people and running the front page. If you're new to the site I hope you realize that platforms like this that do their best to promote quality amateur art and foster real community are rare and becoming rarer.

Side note, I haven't released music in about a year, but I'm announcing a five song EP with music videos in August. Will have news on twitter and ig.


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I can totally relate to this. I've made a bunch of music over the years. I found Newgrounds in the 90's and used to play all the games in computer room in Berkeley High. Your music is super uplifting from the one song I've heard, can't wait to hear more from you.

I'm also here to collab , and enjoying hearing what the community has to offer, though I'm not super involved with all the art and games anymore.

That's awesome, crazy to think how far back the site goes. I would've found it in 2010 I think, and I remember being overwhelmed by all the existing lore like Strawberry Clock etc

I absolutely adore all of your music. You're great!